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If one intends to erase all his dept from his credit account, what must he do? One must give the amount of money equivalent to the dept to the creditor in order to erase his dept. He cannot just say "let's regard my dept as fully repaid" without paying the full amount of money. Likewise, if you intend to recieve the forgiveness of sins from God then there must have been a time when all your sins; the sins of the world, were transfered onto Jesus. Jesus left this world over 2000 years ago so how do we transfer all of our past, present and future sins onto Jesus, the Lamb of God? It is possible only by faith in the Baptism of Jesus. We did not personally do the work of transferring our sins onto Jesus. The high priest & greatest man born of woman named John the Baptist, transfered the sin of the world onto the Lamb of God in accordance to the Old Testament "Laying on of hands" when he baptized Him in the Jordan River. (Leviticuz 16:21-Matthew 3:13-15. Matt 11:11) Jesus saved us by taking upon Himself all ours sins by recieving baptism, thus fulfilling all righteousness. He then took all our sins to the cross and shed His life blood to make attoment for them. Thus paying of all our life long dept of sin on our behalf to God the Father, and rose from death again. By faith in Jesus' baptism (Water), blood & the Spirit (Jesus is God) we have recieved salvation from all our sins, we have become sinless children of God by faith alone, therefore we can now have truly grateful hearts, as we who were once destined to hell for our sins have now recieved New born again life through the gospel of the Water and the Spirit. (John 3:5) I thank you Lord for your loving us by laying down your life to give us true and eternal salvation through your baptism from John the baptist where you took away all our sins, your death where you attoned for our sins and resurection for our new life in the Spirit.

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