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The law and commandments of God consist of 613 articles prescribing what we "should do," or "should not do." God gave the law and His commandments to the people of Israel. Although the people knew that the law and the commandments of God were right, they could not live up to them because everyone was born with twelve kinds of sins inherited from Adam. (Romans 5:12/Mark 7:21-23) Therefore, they/we lost the ability to do right before God. The Israelites lost the ability to become righteous. Rather, they could not help but keep committing sins, even while trying very hard to stay free from sin. It is the destiny of all mankind to be born and die as sinners. But God, in His infinite mercy, gave His people the sacrificial system through which they could atone for their sins. He provided the ritual of the holy tabernacle so that the people of Israel and all the people of the world could be redeemed of their sins. He revealed through the sacrificial system His righteous love for all mankind. He showed the world the way to salvation. FREE CHRISTIAN BOOKS

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