Aneka Simons
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When we really look at ourselves, it is evident that we are merely masses of sin. What are human beings? A person is only 'a seed of evildoers.' In Isaiah 59, it states that there are all kinds of iniquities in the hearts of people. Therefore, it is clear that people are masses of sin. However, if we define humankind as a mass of sin, many will disagree. But, defining a person as 'a seed of evildoers' is the correct definition. If we honestly look at ourselves, it is clearly obvious that we are evil beings. Those who are honest with themselves must arrive at this very same conclusion. The redemption of the water and the Spirit does not lie in the works of people, but in the faith in the Word of God. God delivered us through the baptism of Jesus and His blood on the cross.

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  1. Ryan Burt 2017/11/11 18:50 # M/D Reply

    How is it to fear death or facing Him...or still exist with such a mind, and
    Is something missing, how is conscience and priorities..order...or the
    Should I not be asking this here...saying it
    How can I read the right way?

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